William R. Quesnell
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Did you see the Larry King Live show where Suzanne Sommers informed us she was a victim of breast cancer?
Until then the butt-mastering, thigh-mastering Ms. Sommers was thought to be a model of good health. Not only that, legions of her fans followed the Suzanne Sommers’ Diet.
Suzanne acknowledged that as a model of good health she had to set an example and eat the right foods. Well, if she was eating all the right foods, why the cancer?
Some experts have theorized that Ms. Sommers carries a disease gene that resulted in her cancer.
Just like us, she has more than 30,000 genes that provide the coded instructions to: (1) Shape her body, and (2) Make it run.
Each gene consists of a section of DNA, which looks like a twisted ladder. It is actually the rungs of the ladder, comprised of just four molecules that can be arranged in seemingly endless combination that will tell a cell what to do. Often cells are told to produce a myriad of proteins that will carry out the work of the body.
Medical science has taken the position that when a disease results from an absent or insufficient or malformed protein, the problem usually can be traced to a glitch in the DNA.
The concept of human disease genes is nothing new. But compare the ongoing effort to reveal the genes thought to separate sick from healthy individuals, against the conclusion from a study of 90,000 identical twins reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in July, 2000:
“There is a low absolute probability that a cancer will develop in a person whose identical twin, a person with an identical genome and many similar exposures, has the same type of cancer…For cancer at the common sites in monozygotic twins, the rate of concordance is generally less than 15%.”
How can it be, regarding cancer in identical twins, 85% of the time human disease genes do not act as human disease genes?
What is the difference between the twin with breast cancer [pretend that is Suzanne Sommers] and her cancer-free sister?
The answer: All metabolic enzyme systems function normally in the breasts of the cancer-free twin.
Go back to the theoretical genetic result of absent, or malformed or insufficient proteins performing cellular work. The proteins that perform cellular work are our metabolic enzymes.
We have over 2000 of them. Not only do these organic molecules have minerals within their chain, each metabolic enzyme requires an activator mineral to mobilize it. Minerals also activate hormones.
Here is what “experts” conveniently neglect:
Our genes do not determine the availability of minerals to serve as activators, or as inventory for the cellular construction of our metabolic enzymes. That depends upon the quality, the nutrient density, of the food in our diet.
The Suzanne Sommers’ Diet has one thing in common with all other diets:
The foods in her diet and every other diet lack minerals.
When we consume food and water deficient in minerals, this leads to the break down of our metabolic enzyme systems. That’s when we begin to lose immunity to degenerative disease, which is what happened to Suzanne Sommers.