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With the recent rise in medication costs and health care insurance expenses, a lot of people are looking for ways to obtain discount prescription drugs. Some choose to go to other countries, as some choose to buy from the Internet. Discount pharmacies sell a lot of prescription based medications, sometimes even illegally. Regular people can even buy Fioricet online with no prescription note contrary to what the law dictates. Included in this article are some tips to help consumers determine good pharmacies from the bad ones.
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The cost of pharmaceutical products has recently gone up, and thanks to that health care insurances also underwent a major revamp to cope with the medication cost increase. Now health care plans no longer cover medicine costs. These changes left the average Joe searching for an alternative way to meet their prescription medication needs.
Some people chose to cross the border and go to either Canada or Mexico where prescription drugs are almost sixty-four percent cheaper than the price of medications inside the United States. And then there are some who would rather stay in the comfort of their own homes and rely on the power of modern technology. Thanks to advancements in the Internet, pharmacies and other services are readily available in the World Wide Web.
Internet pharmacies that sell discount prescription drugs abound the web. You can get prescription drugs like Fioricet online with no prescription. It’s so easy you don’t need to be an Internet expert to be able to order. All you need is a working computer, a fast enough Internet connection, and a credit or debit card to make a purchase. Just type the prescription medicine you’re looking to buy on any search engine and click on search, you’ll find yourself faced with a lot of links directing you to hundreds of thousand of Internet pharmacies. But how can you tell which ones are good and not?
Here are some tips to help you discern the good online drugstores from the bad:
1. Look for an Internet pharmacy whose headquarters and warehouse are located within the United States. Make sure the company homepage shows a complete and credible head office address, contact number, and email address. Also, for most states in the US, it is illegal to bring in prescription drugs from foreign countries.
2. Check the company’s license and certification. Contact your local state pharmacy board to get a list of licensed pharmacies allowed to operate in or dispense medicines to your state. You can also go to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) official website for a list of online drugstores that have passed the standards set by the NABP along with the different state pharmacy boards to become a part of the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS).
3. Look for Internet pharmacies that require a valid prescription before selling you prescription drugs. The prescription note serves as a written confirmation of a recent visit to the physician and that you have undergone a physical examination. By law, no pharmacy, be it land-based or web-based, can sell prescription medications to people who do not have a valid prescription note.
4. Make sure the online drugstore has a plausible policy to protect your privacy and security as their customer. Read and understand the company’s privacy policy to make sure the company does not sell or use your information for any other purpose aside from the reason it was collected for in the first place.
Always remember to never fill out any medical questionnaire from any Internet pharmacy without checking the integrity of the website. With the increasing instances of drug counterfeiting and identity theft being reported against some online drugstore companies, it is better to be cautious and safe than to be careless and sorry.