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Don’t get caught streaking–on your roof, that is.

Keeping Roofs In Top Shape There are ways to protect roofs from algae stains and damage.

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Don’t get caught streaking-on your roof, that is. Green and black algae can be a major headache for homeowners. Algae not only make a roof look bad, but will likely shorten its life as well.
Commonly called fungus, algae create unsightly dark brown, green or black streaking on shingles. Sometimes these streaks are mistaken for soot, dirt, moss or tree droppings. While regions with sustained humidity and moisture tend to be most at risk, people who live in all parts of the nation with roofs made from all sorts of materials are susceptible to moss and algae accumulation. In fact, all algae need to survive and thrive are air, water and a food source.
Methods of cleaning can cause unneeded wear and tear to your shingles. Fortunately, some of the latest shingles come in an algae-resistant version, alleviating unsightly streak and maintenance hassles. For example, many of CertainTeed’s asphalt shingles are available with the algae-resistant Streak-Fighter™ feature. The company indicates that a specific raw material protects its Streak-Fighter shingles from the streaking and discoloration of airborne algae. Look for it on the company’s wood-shake and slate-style shingles.
According to Marcia Hannah of CertainTeed, streaks can be a thing of the past. “The addition of roofing granules containing copper helps to alleviate the problem of unsightly streaks. This is good news for home maintenance and good news for real estate values.”