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Life is annoying when you are precluded from doing things that you want to do. It hits you hard when you can see other people enjoying the things that can also be enjoyed by you but the chance of doing it was already withheld. It is also miserable when you depend too much on other people. At the back of your mind you sense helplessness and vulnerability. These are the mixed emotions that persons confined in a wheel chair feel.
Now, they can be freed from misery and apprehensions and live an equally normal life. With the help of power wheel chairs, a new life can work loose with them. Now they can participate in any activity they desire. They can go wherever they wanted to. They can have the greatest level of independence that they long for. The advantages of a power wheel chair above traditional manual chairs are plentiful and somewhat straightforward. The most noticeable, of course, being their battery-power which enables the occupant to move under their own preference. By itself, this is a marked enhancement over conventional models for those lacking the arm strength to wheel themselves up a ramp.
The adding of self-contained batteries to each chair, improved their mobility and made more specialized chairs possible. Chairs can now be modified for a number of new and precise applications. Today, there are custom chairs which have the ability to ascend stairs. For those suffering from severe paralysis, there are chairs that are operated with breath control. It is the most recent breakthrough that makes wheel chairs easier to control.
Most, if not all, electric wheelchairs are now guided by joysticks fastened to the armrest. By allowing the occupant to easily control the chair’s motion, without someone behind pushing, negotiating a tight aisle is relatively simple. Advancement in suspension and designed tuning radius convey smooth changes in mobility and direction. The standard for power wheelchairs continues to cater the needs which are then considered inaccessible.
When someone is confined to a wheelchair, especially for life, the ergonomics and facilities are not inconsequential concerns. There are doable extravagances like a reclining power wheelchair and other customizations. The fact is, though, that the more comfortable, purposeful and maneuverable your new wheelchair is, the more the occupant will be grateful for his new found independence. We want the best for our loved ones and the way to prove it is to give him the best comfort and care possible!