This article was originally written by Abdul Martin

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Looking at your belly you probably might have felt that the real enemy is the fat. Nope, there are two kinds of fats, the unsaturated fats and the saturated . It’s the saturated fat that is the real enemy and that we don’t want.
We do not want the unwanted fat but we keep eating it. Want a definition of insanity, Keep doing the same things and you keep getting the same results.
Instead of blaming the fats, the food lets look at our eating habits. A great body does not come with that new book, that new training program and they will not teach you anything new. You know it all. You know that you got to diet and exercise and have a calorie cut down especially fats to look and feel the way we do. That’s what that lucratively pitched sales letter of that new book or training program tells us. They say finally the 100% guaranteed method and all that. But we should remember that the simple formula of health and fitness success. Its this–Diet and exercise not for a day or week but week after week consistently is the only way to achieve that great and fit body. Period. Case closed.
Lowering your fat consumption is the way to go not only for the look of it but also for the health of it.
Fats do a lot of things in our body, which we cannot without fats. Most importantly of all fats provide energy. When body runs out of carbohydrates it turns to fat for energy.
There are different types of fats. Triglycerides, Phospholipids and cholesterol, which may be further, low density {LDL} Or High density {HDL}.
The recommended guidelines is that the total fat intake should not exceed 25% and make sure most of it comes from poly unsaturated fatty acids.
That’s the way to go.