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Eon decking is a non wood decking material that looks as good as wood. If youre in the market for wood decking then have a look at eon decking as well.

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Eon decking is a revolutionary kind of decking that gives the appearance of a deck built from real wood. There are six natural colors to choose from. With Eon as your choice, you no longer have the problems of splitting, cracking or rotting wood. Eon decking is made from manufactured or recycled plastic. It does not contain any wood and the material carries warranties against any defects. With Eon decking, there is a special fastening method you have to use to make sure the warranties will remain in place.
There is no difference in the texture or the color of each board in Eon decking. This enables you to have a uniform deck. However, to avoid eon decking problems, like other types of composite decking, it is recommended to buy enough decking to finish your project at the same time. If you should happen to run out of decking, there may be a problem getting exactly the same color in the next batch. The Eon warranties do cover the color, which is supposed to remain true for the life span of the product.
Some homeowners have reported Eon decking problems, but when inspectors visit the site, they have determined that the problem is with the installation and not the Eon decking material itself. For example, Eon recommends that this decking be left floating, so it is screwed too tightly it will crack. Another problem that homeowners report is the surface scratches that may appear on the decking. Eon says that these will disappear when the material becomes acclimatized. You may also notice some creaking when you walk on it, but since this is seen as an installation problem, Eon warranties will not cover it.
Eon decking is easy to install. You do not have to use any surface nails that might mar the look of the finished deck. Instead, you do have to use special T-clip fasteners. Homeowners who feel that these fasteners are not strong enough and use other methods of securing the decking to the frame run the risk of voiding Eon decking warranties. Then when Eon decking problems arise, the warranty will not cover the cost of correcting the problem.
Eon decking can be cut and drilled just as wood. However, it is recommended that you use a saw with carbide tips and use rapid cuts. The best cuts for Eon decking can be achieved with a handsaw or a mitre saw. Any surface abrasion is easy to remove with sandpaper and to clean this decking all you have to do is wash it down with the garden hose.