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Speakers play a major role in your home theater system. Good sound quality depends on them. You need at least 4 to 5 speakers to create surround sound. It is important to focus on features such as loudness, crispness, and space when choosing speakers. Depending on what your want and your budget, you can choose speakers that deliver a certain level of sound and you can get them as small or as big as you want.

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Sound is one of the most important aspects of a great home theater experience. Quality sound really brings film to life and that fact spurs many home theater aficionados to select their speakers and sound equipment with great care.
Too often, though, the speakers that sounded great in the listening room dont pack the same punch when installed at home. The issue is usually related to speaker positioning.
There are a few factors anyone should consider when installing home theater speakers. One should be aware of proper distancing, height and angling (also referred to as toe-in). Sometimes the perfect set-up is outlined in the owners manuals and documentation that come with the speakers. In other cases, its necessary to evaluate proper positioning with a trial and error technique.
If your speakers arent bringing the movies to life for your home theater system, dont give up and go purchase a new sound system until you first double-check the positioning of your speakers. Even small adjustments can have a huge impact.
By finding the optimal positioning for your speakers, you can breathe new life in what you may have believed to be an inferior speaker. You can also begin to enjoy the movies the way you had hoped to when you first decided to invest in a home theater system.